Episode 4: Startup Social Work, with Taylor Ford

We’re back! It’s a new fall semester and the Wild Bill’s space is back open.

In our fourth episode, Stephen and Jen interview Taylor Ford, an alum of the University of Iowa School of Social Work’s BSW program. Taylor talks about her career path, which took her to Atlanta and back to Iowa. and how her leadership paved the way to improved services on the University of Iowa campus.

Episode 4 is the first episode recorded after receiving a Diversity Seed Grant at the University of Iowa. Episodes of the Wild Bill’s Cup of Justice podcast are recorded at Wild Bill’s in North Hall, using equipment provided by this grant.

This episode’s links:

Taylor Ford’s bio: https://scsmh.education.uiowa.edu/author/taylor-ford/

Scanlan Center for School Mental Health: https://scsmh.education.uiowa.edu/

University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinic Crisis Stabilization Unit: https://uihc.org/services/crisis-stabilization-unit-csu

Episode 4: Taylor Ford

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