Episode 3: Supporting our Students, with Claudia Artola

Our third episode focuses on support for students—specifically Social Work students of color. We are joined for a lively conversation with Claudia Artola, a current senior in our BA in Social Work program who transferred into the program from a nearby community college.

In the episode, Claudia talks about what it’s like to be a first-generation Latina student, the importance of listening, and the huge impact that scholarship support has made, not only in her education but also in removing barriers to her future and a satisfying social work career.

During Social Work Month, you can support students like Claudia by donating to our Diversity Scholarship Fund. Check out our fundraiser progress, see a video of Claudia, and make your contribution at www.uigoldrush.org/socialwork.

Thanks for your support!

Podcast Episode 3: Supporting our Students

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